Harbeth P3E 40th anniversary

Product Of The Year 2018 bij the-ear.net


Harbeth P3ESR 40th Anniversary Product Of The Year 2018

Harbeth P3ESR 40th Anniversary Product Of The Year 2018 bij the-ear.net – Het online magazine the-Ear.net heeft de ‘Product Of The Year’ winnaars bekendgemaakt op hun website. Ook de P3ESR 40th Anniversary valt hier terecht in de prijzen!

Review P3ESR 40th Anniversary

Chris Kelly van het online magazine the-Ear.net schreef eerder een review over de Harbeth P3ESR 40th Anniversary. Zijn conclusie was toen:

“Having lived with the 40th Anniversary P3ESRs for a while now though, I take my hat off to Alan Shaw, the owner of Harbeth and the designer of their amazing range of loudspeakers, and his team at the Harbeth factory. These loudspeakers are a magnificent achievement, not “for their size” or “for the price”, just for being so good.“

Harbeth P3ESR 40th Anniversary Product Of The Year 2018

Zo aan het eind van 2018 is het voor het blad weer tijd om awards uit te reiken aan de beste en meest bijzondere producten van het afgelopen jaar. Ook de P3ESR 40th Anniversary komt in dit selecte rijtje terug. Het online magazine zegt over de luidsprekers:

“A loudspeaker design that is now many decades old brought bang up to date by Alan Shaw, the owner and speaker designer at Harbeth Audio. Using his own Radial material for the main drive unit, Harbeth have taken this already excellent small loudspeaker and tweaked it to celebrate the brand’s 40th anniversary. From the tiny enclosures issues forth a sound that totally belies their physical stature. As an upgrade from the standard model, there are WBT binding posts, improved internal wiring and better capacitors in the crossover plus a gorgeous olive wood veneer. Paired with a reasonably muscular amplifier ( they are only rated at 83Db efficiency) they will fill a small to medium sized room with glorious sound, and will give many years of musical pleasure. The standard version of this BBC-derived loudspeaker is already excellent but with this limited edition they have taken another step forward. Outstanding.”

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